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Charis National Academy is a Christian K-12 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Founded in 2000, Charis now serves over 1,000 students. We strive to provide a world class Christian education with graduates going on to study in universities throughout the world including USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China.

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This is our School, Our Life. A place where all are truly welcome. A place where learning is an exciting journey. A place where you will be encouraged to discover your fullest self. Plan your visit now.

Life at Charis

Gross motor skills

Gross motor is one of the basic skills needed in everyday life and various activities....

Classroom chapel

Step into our classroom chapel, where the echoes of earnest prayers and the warmth of...

Lunch date

Charis high school launch a program called Lunch Date. A program to building connection...

School news

Education fair XIII

Charis Senior High School held the XIII Education Fair on September 8, 2023. On this...

Charis run 2023

Charis Run is an annual program carried out by 10th-grade students as part of their...

CTC 2023

Taking part in Indonesian education development has always been the focus of Charis...

SHS campus visits 2023

Charis Senior High School runs a program called Campus Visit to introduce students to...

Charis lunar new year 2023

Charis Lunar New Year Celebration was held at Charis Upper Gym on Jan 24, 2023, and was...

SHS fieldtrip to Madam Wang restaurants

DIY is one of the afterschool programs at Charis Senior High School that teaches...

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