Spiritual Growth


The Charis Counseling program provides counceling services for students and teachers. This department also helps students to plan their future by taking tests which help them understand how God has created them and what careers they are likely to become successful in. The counseling program also provides assistance in applying for universities, help in scholarship applications for universities and the entire enrollment process. Our counselors offer seminars to Charis parents. They also host the University Fair Program and Character Building class.


Bible Clasess

Bible class is an opportunity for all Charis students to grow spiritually, grow closer to God, to build their character and to learn the principles of God’s word. Charis Bible classes emphasize the application of Biblical principles. Students learn to live out their faith by growing in humility, gratitude, hard word, self-discipline, wholeness, generosity, integrity, courage and wisdom.



Weekly chapels are an opportunity for Charis students to worship God and to be inspired to follow Christ. They also provide an opportunity for Charis students to speak, lead worship and plan the spiritual growth on the campus.


Mission Trips

We believed that we are blessed to be a blessing to the world around us. Mission trips are a chance for Charis students to serve, to share God’s love and to be generous. Students plan the mission trips and raise money for them. Our students have traveled as far as Kalimantan and Sumba Island on Charis mission trips.




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  • Whatsapp : 0821-3224-5994
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