Congratulations to Jensen Clementio

Congratulations to Jensen Clementio grade 4A. Being 3rd Winner Kumite Boys Junior and 3rd Winner Kids Individual Kata in East Java Bali NTT & NTB Dojo Championship 2022. So proud of you. (WK)

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East Java, Bali, & Nusa Tenggara Dojo Championship 2022

Congratulations! to Matthew Tjahjono, grade 5, for achieving the Runner Up in the category of Teen Group KATA,  Eric Tjahjono 2nd Winner Group Kata (Teen), and Gabriel Nathan Santoso 2nd Winner Group Kata (Teen), in the East Java-Bali-NTT-NTB Dojo Championship which was held on October 2nd, 2022.

Also, Keep up the good work for Alvin Rich Jonathan 1st Group Kata (Teen). Success isn’t something that we arrive at in one day. Success has an inseparable tie to your individual everyday decisions, activities, and encounters, despite how big or small they are. Success is the achievement accomplished after battles and persistence. It is a dream, an objective, and a responsibility for achieving your yearnings and objectives in the method of a fixed direction.

Great for all of you Guys! (WK)

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Elementary Boys Futsal Team 2022

Congratulations to Elementary Futsal Boys Team has been the 2nd Winner of the Wesley Futsal Tournament 2022. 

Teacher Dewangga, as a coach, helps the students learn about futsal. The students are enthusiastic about learning and playing futsal. Every week they train after school at the gym, and they also consistently hold friendly matches with other schools.

Since September 27, the boys' futsal team has participated in The Wesley Futsal Tournament 2022. They join Group B, with Karang Besuki 3, Santa Maria 2, and Cor Jesu. They can defeat three schools in the group phase and then reach the leader of the group.

In the knockout phase, they also beat the team from the host, Wesley, and went to the final. In the final, the Charis Elementary School futsal team meet at Santa Maria Elementary School. In normal times, the Santa Maria 1 team defeated Charis 6-1. Keep the spirit and practice consistently. Hopefully, next time you will get better results. (WK)


Global Business Mathematic Olympiad 2022

The Global Business Mathematical Olympiad, or GBMO for short, is an Applied Business Mathematical Olympiad Competition, or Applied Business Mathematical System, held in fully online mode.

Applied Business Mathematics itself is an applied mathematics science whose applications are used in the business world to support the accuracy of data analysis, logic, simulation, research, and prediction (forecast) for decision-making and company policies.

The good news is that in the GBMO, all participants (school students) will be invited to know, learn, and love business applied mathematics as well as compete in this challenging Olympics.

Several Charis Junior High  School students participated in the competition and won it. Congratulations to Louisa Antoinette Anabella (Grade 9) for being awarded the Bronze Award and Adela Budianto for the Silver Award.

Also, Vareldo Reginald Alvaro Sarwono (Grade 7), Tristan Dylan Gunawan (Grade 7), Barnabas Raditya Ardiyanto (Grade 7), and Anastasia Tirzah Ardiyanto (Grade 9) have been awarded The Merit Award in the GBMO (Global Business Mathematics Olympiad) at the secondary school level on September 24, 2022. Congratulations Guys! (WK)

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