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Barnabas Raditya Ardiyanto (Bara) has been awarded the bronze medal in the Olimpiade Rihand Creative (ORC) VII-2022, which is a national-level competition with participants from elementary through to senior high school levels. This online competition was held in Zoom on March 26, 2022 and was hosting contestants from over 900 schools from 30 different provinces in Indonesia. Congratulations Bara!

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2022 (IMAGO) Competition For Charis School

Participants from Charis Elementary received several prestigious awards from the International Mathematical Advanced Geometry 2022 (IMAGO) Competition.

A special mention goes to Teacher Lidia Chrisdiana for championing the initiative and guiding the students through the preparation process.

Congratulations to all awardees! We are incredibly proud of you.

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Champion Gold Medal at the “AIAMA World Abacus 2021

Gracielle, our 4th-grade student, was successful in achieving the title of Champion Gold Medal at the “AIAMA World Abacus Points Ranking 2021 Competition”, which was held online and was attended by the best abacus students from various countries (China, Egypt, Indonesia, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, USA).

AIAMA - Abacus King International Abacus Mental Arithmetic Alliance competition was held in 4 periods throughout 2021 (April 18, June 20,  September 19, and December 11). The final result is the accumulation of points collected from these four periods.

Congratulations Gracielle!


Singing Competition

Victoria Marta, our sweet little 1st grader enjoys singing from an early age.  She enrolled in various competition events to challenge herself and broaden her experiences. 

Here are some of her achievements:

  • winner of the singing competition held by Semesta Bilingual Boarding School Semarang.
  • runner-up of a National-Level Kids Category in the Online Singing Contest held by Eowin Production.
  • - 3rd place in the singing contest The Champion Independence Day Competition

She has been an inspiration to her friends and others for her spirit and excitement to continue exercising the talents that God gave her.


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