GASING Math Competition

Sunday, March 10, 2013 was a pretty historic day for students who competed at Mathematics Gasing semifinal competition at SDN Polowijen 1. During this competition, the students looked so relaxed. While waiting for further announcements, the students were playing or singing with no shades of tension.

Finally, eight Charis’ students went to the final. The result is:

Level B:

  • Heilin Rahma S. (3A) second place

Level C:

  • Vito Nathaniel (6A) first place
  • Deborah Engelia (5A) second place
  • James Abdiel (6A) third place.

This four children won the trophy, but for us as teachers; seeing the joy and the courage of the students who struggle in tight competition is a matter of pride. Even those who did not won any trophy congratulated the winners with smiles and big hearts. They are the true champions, indeed.

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