East Java, Bali, & Nusa Tenggara Dojo Championship 2022

Congratulations! to Matthew Tjahjono, grade 5, for achieving the Runner Up in the category of Teen Group KATA,  Eric Tjahjono 2nd Winner Group Kata (Teen), and Gabriel Nathan Santoso 2nd Winner Group Kata (Teen), in the East Java-Bali-NTT-NTB Dojo Championship which was held on October 2nd, 2022.

Also, Keep up the good work for Alvin Rich Jonathan 1st Group Kata (Teen). Success isn’t something that we arrive at in one day. Success has an inseparable tie to your individual everyday decisions, activities, and encounters, despite how big or small they are. Success is the achievement accomplished after battles and persistence. It is a dream, an objective, and a responsibility for achieving your yearnings and objectives in the method of a fixed direction.

Great for all of you Guys! (WK)

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