Brandon Scheunemann Debut in BRILIGA 1

So proud of Brandon, our 2nd student now who plays and starts in the Indonesian PROFESSIONAL SOCCER HIGHEST LEVEL. Go CHARIS!
-Paul Richardson-
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Dewi Guru Penggerak IV 2022

Congratulations to Sri Puspa Dewi for graduating as "Guru Penggerak 4" in 2022. So Proud of You Teacher Dewi! The Ministry of Education and Culture has organized a leadership program for teachers "Guru Pengerak". 

According to The Pancasila, the goal of this program is to train teachers to be student-centered learning leaders so that they can produce graduates who are not only academically intelligent but also have good character. 

Furthermore, this program aims to create a better educational ecosystem in order to develop student leadership programs to realize The Pancasila student profile. (SPD)

The Dance Competition Kids Category 2022


Congratulations to Ancilla Seraphine Kosasih 6A and Hannaya Mauella Cahyanda 6C has been awarded Runner Up (team) in The Dance Competition Kids Category held by Alcanderevent 2022 Well Done Hanna!

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The Champion of Girls Basketball Of The Dempo Cup 2022

Dempo Cup Basketball Tournament 2022 Junior High Girl's Basketball championships took place on October 15-22, 2022. The great news JHS Girls' Basketball Team take home the title as they won 41-29 over SMPN 2 Jember in the final game. Head coach Nano Kristanto talks about how it felt to win it all.


"We've had a really good play," says Nano. "We never lost one game, at the tournament. I think that we've worked hard and earned every second of it. So, it feels good." He also talks about what the keys were to victory.

"Our starters came out a little bit nervous but then some of our bench players came in and helped them out," says Nano. "As a team, they just all came together and worked on what we've been doing all year so that was pretty awesome."

"It's awesome to see that this talent came out of  Charis National Academy and that we were able to put together competitive teams," says Nano.  it makes us more nervous but I felt that the girls were able to focus on the game. The girls found a way."

He adds the key to the win was their play offensively. "We always had fast starts and we're getting beat on the ball. So, that was our number one goal for this game, "I felt, as soon as the girls stepped out on the court, they knew who they were on.

If they got beat, one of their teammates knew to switch. It was just a very good defensive effort from the girls. Congratulations to The JHS Girls' Basketball Team, The Champion of The Dempo Cup 2022. Amazing!!! (WK)

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