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SHS Orientation Week 2022

In Charis Senior High School, Student orientation is the period before the start of the academic year where a variety of events are held to welcome and acclimate students. Choose Life!

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JHS Orientation Week 2022

The first week of Junior High School is structured to continue the development of strong student/teacher relationships. Teachers will focus on building relationships with students through various activities that make students feel comfortable and understand the school's annual theme. Choose Life! (WK)

Back To School July 2022

Charis National Academy on the first day at school, after the Covid 19 pandemic. This July 2022, the start of the school year seemed more excited than ever before. we feelings of excitement,  and desire for the students, parents, and teachers at Charis National Academy back to school.

Early morning on the first day of school, students come back to school. The students wear masks, for hygienic protection, but also to demonstrate students awareness of COVID-19. 

After the many weeks of distance learning, which was challenging for children, parents, and teachers alike, the willingness to go back to normal learning processes is now demonstrably high; everyone displays a readiness to comply with the new safety regulations set by the government.


The first day back in the classroom was unusual and emotional for both students and teachers. Wearing a mask, which is mandatory for teachers, makes their jobs physically harder due to the strained breathing. Masks also cover their emotional expressions, requiring students to focus harder to equally understand the information teachers are conveying.
The first lesson for all students was dedicated to sharing more information about COVID-19 and related safety regulations. Children were also introduced to their daily schedules.

Teachers and parents believe that their children’s feelings towards school depend greatly on developing an uninterrupted routine of in-school attendance. 

Both parents and children are happy to be back at school and do not wish to return to distance learning. They say that they are ready to follow all the regulations set by the authorities.


High school students emphasize how important it is to be physically present in the classroom, interact with friends, and share opinions about different subjects with each other and with their teachers.



The readiness and enthusiasm of the parents, children, and administration to adapt to the new set of in-school rules makes the safe management of the learning process possible after the COVID-19 pandemic. (WK)


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Transit Penjemputan Bis Sekolah Charis di Jl. Retawu Malang

Yang terkasih orangtua murid Charis National Academy, salah satu fasilitas dari sekolah Charis adalah adanya penjemputan murid. Titik jemput berada di Jl, Retawu. Bis sekolah Charis mulai bersiap pukul 6.30, dan berangkat menuju sekolah Charis pukul 7.15.

Dengan adanya bis sekolah Charis diharapkan dapat membantu para murid untuk datang tepat waktu, serta mengurangi penggunaan mobil pribadi. Silakan dimanfaatkan angkutan penjemputan kedatangan sekolah ini, kira dapat membantu.

Mari semangat selalu dan bersiap belajar kembali. Tuhan memberkati.

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Grade 10 Mision Action

A mission Action will be a positive experience not only for those you go to help but for you too. It will change and shape you in ways that nothing else can. You are going to make real and tangible differences to people and communities.

This can be through your physical efforts in building programs or by simply demonstrating your love and compassion to people in the other place.

Grade 10 went to Harapan Indonesia Kindergarten School, and shared about happiness and inspiration with teachers and students. They collect donations, bought some school pieces of equipment and snack then shared them.

The most important for grade 10 students is they can help others in their ways. That activity is implemented by their faith and action to help others accordingly to Charis School's vision. (WK)



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