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Kelas 10 Fieldtrip ke Lembah Tumpang

Bersama dengan para homeroom teachers , siswa kelas 1 SD Kr. Charis berkunjung ke beberapa tempat ikonik khas Malang. Kegiatan ini sebagai bagian dari pembelajaran Civic, dimana siswa belajar tentang Kota Malang. Kali ini siswa belajar secara langsung apa saja yang ada di Kota Malang, seperti tempat wisata dan salah satu makanan khas Kota Malang. Mari kita lihat keseruan fieldtrip kali ini. (WA)


JHS Grade 8 Fieldtrip To Baloga

As teachers, a field trip is one of the best tools that we can use to provide every student with real-world experiences. Whether that's a trip to the local grocery store, waterfront park, a library, a museum, a theater, a community garden or a restaurant, each experience that a student participates in contributes to their understanding of the world.

Charis JHS students (grade 8) leave the classroom, go to BALOGA (Batu Love Garden). They see the connections between what is happening at school and in the ‘real-world’. They begin to see that what they learn within the walls of the classroom can help them solve the problems they see in the world around them and can have a direct impact on who they become as people.

Students learn about Biology, Math, Bahasa Indonesia, and many things when they go to BALOGA. (WK)

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Prince of Egypt - SHS Performance

Charis High School once again presents ‘The Prince of Egypt’, an adaptation of a Broadway Musical Drama- a venture to ancient Egypt to hear the story of a young man named Moses who was raised to be the true leader of his people.

Leaving his privileged life in the Egyptian Palace, he descended into the dark episode of struggles in answering God’s calling and found his ultimate destiny, leading the children of Israel out of bondage into the Promised Land.

The entire long story of Moses is presented in a short musical stage performance brought together by the 11th graders of Charis Senior High School with the support of related parties.

The adapted script was beautifully performed by our 11th graders as their final project. (WA)

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Elementary Chapel | What Happens When Believers are United in Love?

Selamat pagi anak - anak,

Tentunya kalian sering mendengar istilah “orang - orang percaya”. “Orang - orang percaya” adalah orang yang percaya bahwa Tuhan Yesus mati di atas kayu salib untuk menebus dosa manusia. Alkitab mencatat sebuah peristiwa dimana orang - orang percaya berkumpul di suatu tempat dan ada sebuah peristiwa besar yang terjadi. Tahukah kamu, peristiwa apakah itu?

Yuk kita simak kisahnya melalui Chapel pagi ini.
Tuhan Yesus memberkati!

This Elementary chapel session will be premiered on May 13, 2022 at 7.30AM. Don't miss it! (WA)


Elementary Chapel | What do Love & Truth Have in Common?

Hai, anak-anak.. Pasti kalian sudah tahu bahwa Tuhan menginginkan kita untuk mengasihi sesama kita? Namun, bagaimana cara kita mengasihi sesama kita? Bagaimana kita menunjukkan kasih kepada sesama kita? Yuk, kita simak apa kata Firman Tuhan tentang hal ini di chapel kita hari ini. Selamat beribadah, Tuhan memberkati!

This Elementary chapel session will be premiered on April 29, 2022 at 7.30AM. Don't miss it! (WA)


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