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Kindergarten Graduation 2022

Our sweet little butterflies have broken out of their cocoons and spread their beautiful wings. Let our prayers be their guide in exploring the new levels of life and flying over all its challenges.

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Junior High School Graduation 2022

Sending off our children in person after having endured all the virtual classrooms was truly an honour. Praying for the heavenly wisdom to pour out upon them as they step into the next journey.

#charisnationalacademy #charisjuniorhighschool #graduation2022


Senior High School Graduation 2022

Another stepping stone towards a future untold. Sending off our graduates with a prayer rhyming with our song: "may a rainbow run beside you and bless you your whole life through."

#charisnationalacademy #charisseniorhighschool #straightfromtheheart #graduation2022


Elementary Graduation 2022

The students went through tough times and hardship and gracefully crossed the finish line to begin a new chapter in their pedagogical life. Congratulations Charis Elementary graduates! #charisnationalacademy #straightfromtheheart #graduation2022


Kelas 1 Fieldtrip Keliling Kota Malang

Bersama dengan para homeroom teachers , siswa kelas 1 SD Kr. Charis berkunjung ke beberapa tempat ikonik khas Malang. Kegiatan ini sebagai bagian dari pembelajaran Civic, dimana siswa belajar tentang Kota Malang.

Kali ini siswa belajar secara langsung apa saja yang ada di Kota Malang, seperti tempat wisata dan salah satu makanan khas Kota Malang. Mari kita lihat keseruan fieldtrip kali ini.


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