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SHS Campus Visits 2023

Charis Senior High School runs a program called Campus Visit to introduce students to colleges by taking them there. It also assists students in determining which university or college would be the best fit for them. Students can learn more about a university by looking at their brochure, catalog, or website, but visiting the campus will give them more experience and give them a sense of what it's like to be in college.

After being conducted online for two years due to the pandemic, this program can now finally be held on-site. We went to the University of Surabaya (UBAYA), the State University of Surabaya (UNESA), and Ciputra University (UC) this year. Along with their homeroom teachers, counselor, and principal, the 58 students from Grades 12 participated in the program.Students can also interact with university students, academic staff, finance, and admissions officers through the Campus Visit Program. They can engage in some Q&A sessions with the staff to ask questions about, for example, the class size, the major offered by the institution, the student-to-faculty ratio, the amenities the university offers, the scholarship program, etc. (F)
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SHS Fieldtrip To Madam Wang Restaurants

DIY is one of the afterschool programs at Charis Senior High School that teaches students to make something by themselves, including cooking. The DIY club went on a field trip to Madam Wang, one of Malang's most well-known restaurants, on January 24, 2023, to learn about food preparation and service.

It was a wonderful learning experience for Charis High School students who joined the group. They were learning how to process food and serve them to the customers. Students also study how the food business might become a strong entrepreneurship program in the future. (F)


Charis Lunar New Year 2023

Charis Lunar New Year Celebration was held at Charis Upper Gym on Jan 24, 2023, and was attended by parents from Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior, and Senior High School. After the pandemic, Charis celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year for the first time. This celebration was held to preserve the culture of Tionghoa and introduce it to students. Students had the chance to view a variety of Chinese artworks, including dance, martial arts, and musical arts, in addition to sharing happiness at school. The celebration began with a bird dance performed by Annabel Caitlyn Sembodo and Zephania Tatiana Chrystalis Riri. Another talented student, Prabu Ranggi Branjangan, performed wushu. Charis also invited other parties to participate in the celebration. To introduce students to Chinese traditional music, a guzheng performance was held. The appearance of Barongsai from the South Lion Dance group also became the most anticipated performance. They presented a captivating attraction. The students had the chance to express their gratitude by giving angpao for the Barongsai.

The vice director of Charis, teacher Maria Santoso, hoped that more students would participate in the celebration the following year and make it more exciting.  Quizzes from MCs ended the celebration, and students who answered correctly received the angpao. The best costume award was also presented to Angella Valencya Djapri from 1A.(F)
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CTC 2023

Taking part in Indonesian education development has always been the focus of Charis National Academy's commitment. One of the many initiatives is providing affordable and quality teacher training (Charis Teachers Conference). Our commitment stands strong, even though the Charis Teachers Conference was hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The last time CTC was held in Malang was in early 2020, exactly a week before we enter the period of home-isolation. During the three-year pandemic, CTC was held online twice. And by the grace of God, it will be hosted back onsite in Malang, on March 4, 2023.
“It takes a village to raise a child” has become one of the foundational principles behind the formation of CTC. The education of a child cannot be accomplished alone, and the education of a country needs synergy between everyone. This year CTC is particularly special because of the support and guidance that many educators have received from the Teacher Activation Program (PGP) delivered by the Department of Education and Culture.
Educators from all levels have benefited from this program: Guru Penggerak, Pengajar Praktik, Instructor, and also Guru Penggerak candidates who are in the process of being trained through PGP. Moving forward together as a community and not in isolation has been a foundational belief that launched CTC in the beginning and still drives CTC today.
Fellow teachers, educators, parents and whoever has a passion for growing and learning more about the education of children and young people in Indonesia, we invite you to join us for CTC 2023 on the 4th of March this year (2023). (SI)

The Sukun Elementary Christmas Celebration 2022

Christmas is a special day for all Christians because it commemorates the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to the world. Humanity is saved by the world. Because He is the way of truth, the birth of Jesus Christ is good news. And live in accordance with John 14:6, so that everyone believes and has eternal life.

This Christmas commemoration activity is intended to help students appreciate the birth of Jesus Christ as God's most beautiful gift as proof of God's great love for mankind.

Teachers with Christian students and Catholics from the Sukun District took part in the Christmas Day commemoration activities (700). Other important invited guests were also present. Christmas Day celebration activities include a service in memory of Jesus Christ and the singing of Christmas hymns. This activity's agenda includes an opening, worship, and entertainment.

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