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DBL 2022 : First victory for SHS The Girls Basketball Team

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The Girls Team of SHS Charis defeated SMAN 4 Malang on the sixth day with a score of 4-34. The game was held at GOR Bimasakti in Malang.This outcome makes the match between SMAN 8 Malang and Charis National Academy on Thursday, September 9, 2022, a crucial one. The winner of Group A will be whoever takes first place.


It was interesting to see the two brother head coaches from the two schools face off in the women's team matchup at SMAN 8 Malang vs. Charis National Academy. Coach Juni Adi Cahyanto of SMAN 8 Malang is the senior brother of Charis National Academy's head coach Kristianto Adi Cahyono.

They are both regarded as senior coaches. The basketball cities of Malang and East Java, have both performed poorly. They both actively coach athletes at all levels, from youth to collegiate.

"I can see that the odds are 60-40 in favor of the adversary. SMAN 8 is a more experienced crew, I have to confess. Just how the kids' mindsets will be on the field will be what counts "Coach Nano, the nickname for Kristianto, the head coach of Charis National Academy, remarked. He hopes that his side will be able to compete in the pivotal game. We'll make the most of the two-day break to improve things.

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The standout Charis player in this game was the guard Rayya Dania Cahya Hermawan. A young player, 15, purchased 19 points. Due to the fact that he also grabbed 9 rebounds, his performance was even more exceptional. Rayya amassed 19 points in total, which was more than half of his school's total in this game. (WK)

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