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Charis Edufair XII 2022

SHS Charis again held an education fair. This is the 12th periods. It was held last Friday (2/9) at the Charis National Academy Basketball Court. As usual, this program received a pretty good response. Many visitors came the location of the event.

"The EduFair is our step to make it easier for students and their parents to choose their next study. That way, parents will know the next step for their children, "said Committee Chair Eva Chandra Irani Cipta Wadhana, S.Pd. In this activity, SHS Charis cooperates with 36 universities from within and outside the country. We invited five high schools, starting from SMA Negeri 5 Malang, SMA Darul Ulum Agung Malang, SMA Panjura, and SMA NLS (National Leader School).

Many students attended the event. In this activity, it is hoped that the visitors can be used as reference materials, so that in the future they are able to determine which university is in accordance with their field of interest. The exhibition is also a routine event every year. For the previous two years, it had been carried out online because of the pandemic.

However, online, it is able to reach visitors nationally. Prior to the exhibition, the participants, consisting of 36 universities, held a meeting session in front of all 250 students. The meeting was filled with presentations on the introduction of their respective campuses. That way, students from grades 10 to 12 have an idea for further education. SHS Charis also enlisted parents of 9th-grade junior high school students to attend the exhibition.

Hoped that with the presence of parents, they will have an idea for further studies. Given the current independent curriculum, there more choices of majors. Not only the universities participants, but Bank OCBC Galunggung Malang Branch, YaRRis Food, Eleven Pilars, Sophia Cookies, Erlangga, and Widya Mandala Language Institute Surabaya also took part in this program.

"We are here to make it easier for students studying abroad." "Coincidentally, OCBC has a flagship Global Wallet program that is not owned by any bank," explained Mikha, an OCBC bank employee. The EduFair XII program this time will certainly continue with other programs such as Career Day and internship programs.

Of course, with more programs, students and parents will be helped by these program. SHS Charis always provides the best programs for all students. With a good program, it will certainly produce a superior generation, explained the principal of SHS, Dore Yulia, M.Si.


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