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SHS Dance DBL Basketball Girls Team

We are from SMA Charis National Academy Malang participating in the UBS Gold Dance Competition #HondaDBL2022 East Java Series.
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Dancers (GIRLS TEAM)
1. Gabriella Sharon Clarista
2. Gavrila Catherine Alethea Santoso
3. Sophia Sharonita Christy
4. Alexa Natalia Kurnia
5. Jesselyn Fiona Widjojo
6. Joyce Abigail Gracia Zebua
7. Illona Agatha Siswanto
8. Audrey Madison Angelique Santosa
9. Gracia Daranova Ananta
10. Lintang Kaweruh Gunawan
11. Zebaoth Yesyurun Yosia Decha Benu
12. Christabel Arianne Tabitha

- Bobby Alcander
- Nina

- Bobby Alcander

Videographer and Editor
- Edwin

Each actor has been vaccinated twice and has followed health protocols.
#Iam24K #UBSGoldDance2022 #CITAHATI

#Iam24K #UBSGoldDance2022 #CITAHATI

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