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Indonesia Independent Day Celebration 2022

Match outfit with the Indonesian flag colors: bravery red and purity white on August 17th, the Indonesian Independence Day. Kindergarten students also celebrate Independence Day. The celebration was held on 18th August 2022. All students joined in the celebration games. We had some fun games. "Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!"

One of the most awaited student events in the celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day is the games and competitions. Teachers and students play games and compete with each other to celebrate the day, have fun together, and win prizes. Let's play together!



Indonesian Independence Day is one of the most significant celebrations on the Indonesian calendar. Much of the fun and fanfare during Independence Day celebrations are focused on playing traditional games. Games and festivities are organized in the School

Indonesian Independence Day celebrated on August 18th, offers a perfect opportunity for language teachers and students to celebrate and embrace the language and culture of Indonesia. To engage teachers and students in a fun and festive lesson by celebrating Indonesian Independence Day with traditional games.



Students organized traditional games for the Indonesian Independence Day Celebration. These Independence Day traditional games remind us of the dark memories of colonialism.


These are not only games but also a reflection of Indonesian values that always try to be preserved, such as togetherness, struggle, and cooperation, as well as a symbol to commemorate Indonesian heroes in fighting for independence. Students learned about the patriotism and enthusiasm of the Indonesian Nation. (WK)


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