Student Life

Love One Another

That was the theme of the 1st grade mission trip this year. In only one month, the 1st graders raised enough money through a garage sale and other donations to provide sembako packages for the Villa Cherry Orphanage in Batu. Besides giving sembako packages, the first graders performed for the orphans as well. It was exhausting, but the results were awesome! The students felt the joy of helping others. Thank you for supporting Charis mission trips.

Give Joyfully

God wants us to give joyfully, with love and gratitude to Him who first loved us. Charis second graders were excited to share God’s love with children at the Elim Orphanage on March 11, 2013. They enjoyed making new friends and sharing God’s blessing. They learned how to do fund-raising through presenting an event called 'Indonesian Culture Exhibition.’ They sold ethnic food from various areas of Indonesia. All the funds were used to provide for the needs of the children in the orphanage. Besides that, the second graders also shared the knowledge they gained at school there. They taught their friends in small groups. We trust that all these activities were a blessing and brought glory to God.

Special Education Class

This year, the third graders and the Special Education class are actively involved in brainstorming wonderful new ideas and organizing fundraising activities for their mission trip. The students held three activities at different times. They made creative games and sold food. They sold Valentine packages. And third, thanks to their parents’ help, the third graders and the Special Education class managed to hold a garage sale. It was a wonderful success! Total proceeds amounted to Rp. 6,400,000.00. All funds were used to purchase items for an orphanage located on Jl. Lokon 33 in Malang. The children visited the orphanage on March 8, 2013.

Spirit of Generosity

Our fifth graders learned that all they have is a blessing from God, and is meant to become a blessing to the world around us. With this spirit of generosity, they visited Siloam Nursing Home at Bendungan Sigura-gura 17, Malang. Siloam is a ministry to the elderly, the blind and the handicapped. Our children also collected funds from the bazaar and garage sale. Thank you to all the parents for your help!  At Siloam, the fifth graders presented some performances. During snack time, they bravely engaged in warm conversations with the members of the nursing home. They learned to hear, feel, and give attention. They had great attidudes and it seemed as if nothing could annoy them. Thank you for all the support.

Science Club

Several Charis students attended the Kuark Science Olympiad at Ma Chung University on February 23, 2013. Teacher Stefanus worked together with our courageous participants, helping them to prepare. In spite of their nerves, all the Charis students did well. The students who qualified for the next round are:

  • Jonathan Ariel, Grade 1
  • Jose Putra Perdana, Grade 2
  • Kezia R Tnauli, Grade 2
  • Pieter Nathanael S, Grade 2
  • Evan Surya, Grade 2
  • Noel Anthony, Grade 3
  • Hans Samuel T, Grade 3
  • Maria Zora Keyanna, Grade 4
  • Cheryl Areta P, Grade 4
  • Mutiara Wahyu N, Grade 5
  • Xavier Reyhan H, Grade 5
  • Alicia Angel S, Grade 5
  • Natan Wahyudianto, Grade 6
  • Gregorius Kevin S, Grade 6

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