Campus & Facilities

Sports & Recreation Facilities

Charis has three locations for our students to play sports. The upper field is for TK and SD sports activities. The lower field is primarily used by SMP-SMA field sports like soccer. And our gymnasium is used by all. In the future we will be adding an outdoor basketball court. A swimming pool is available for TK.

Chapel Room & Auditorium

The Charis chapel and auditorium are available for chapels, staff devotions, student activities, seminars, and ReThink Education conferences.


Computer Labs

Charis offers state-of-the-art computer facilities where students learn software, programming, animation and many other exciting and valuable computer skills.


Art & Music Studios

Creativity is an important part of a Charis education. Our students do not only master the basics of drawing, painting, keyboarding and strings. They are afforded the opportunity to write and develop their own artistic masterpieces.


Charis students enjoy their noon meal in the breezy and beautiful Charis outdoor cafeteria. Delicious meals are provided by multiple vendors.



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