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Is Charis an international school?  What kind of curriculum is used at Charis?

Charis is an Indonesian private Christian school with international standards. Charis follows the Indonesian laws and curriculum, and all of our students take the national test (with exceptional scores, by the way!) Charis uses teaching strategies and additional elements added to our curriculum that take Charis far beyond some other Indonesian schools in quality and relevance. Our graduates are qualified to attend universities not only in Indonesia, but in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Australia. Our graduates can speak, read, communicate and understand English well enough to attend any university that uses only English.

Our full name is Charis National Academy.  When translated literally, “Charis” is the ancient Greek word for “Grace.”  This signifies our constant awareness that we are God’s authority and we exist because of God’s goodness and love for us. “National” means that the goal of the school is to empower our graduates to rise up and become a blessing in Indonesia.  “Academy” is a term that generally refers to military schools. But in our case, we mean that we are serious not just about accumulating knowledge, but producing graduates who can face down life’s challenges and find the creativity and character to become successful anywhere and under any circumstances. If you are looking for an easy school, then Charis is probably not the place for you. But if you are looking for a school that takes your future seriously, then come join us.

How much does it cost to attend Charis?

Tuition at Charis is adjusted periodically with inflation.  Standard tuition is competitive for the Malang area. Unlike many Indonesian schools, Charis pays for uniforms, books, materials, field trips, and school activities.  Financial aid is available for students as needed with consideration of several factors, namely the amount of scholarships available, the family’s financial situation, the quality of the student, and the commitment of the family to the mission and vision of Charis. Scholarships are not guaranteed long term, but are renewable periodically. If a student under scholarship is failing school, disruptive, disrespectful, or if his/her parents are disengaged, then the scholarship may be rescinded. Please contact the school office to learn about current tuition and entrance fees.

What is the quality of education at Charis?

From 2007 until 2011, 100% of Charis students completing grades 6, 9 and 12 have graduated.  100% of our high school graduates have attended accredited universities. Charis graduates are now attending universities in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many of the top ranked universities in Indonesia including Brawijaya and ITB in Bandung. Many of them are studying business, film, technology, and medicine. Our students are extremely competitive and score far above the average in the Indonesian national examinations. Charis high school students generally speak exceptional English and have strong leadership skills. By the time a student graduates from Charis, he/she has completed hundreds of projects and presentations. Public speaking is normal. Our students learn to become critical thinkers. Charis has also won numerous competitions at the city, provincial, and even national level, in both academic and non-academic fields.

What unique strengths does Charis offer?

Charis has 3 core values: forging character, nurturing leadership and inspiring creativity.  These three core values permeate the Charis ethos and are infused in the daily experiences of Charis students. A Charis education is built on strong Christian values that are integrated into each and every subject and activity.  At Charis we believe that God has created each individual as unique and with purpose. Charis places highest priority on the growth of each individual.  Charis gives opportunities for each person to grow individually and within a community.

What extracurrilcular activities does Charis provide?

Charis offers opportunities for development in a variety of areas.  After school classes, clubs and activities include theater, math club, physics club, biochemistry club, programming, science club, basketball teams, futsal teams, soccer teams, band, kempo, chess, hip-hop, choir, cooking and orchestra. Charis high school students can choose to specialize in entrepreneurial courses, pre-medicine, and communications.

How many students are enrolled at Charis?

The current enrollment from kindergarten through high school is 650 students. Each class has a maximum of 25 students.

What is the daily schedule at Charis?

The daily schedule at Charis varies according to the grade. School starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 11:00 AM for kindergarten. School also starts at 7:30 AM for the whole elementary school and ends at 1:30 PM for grade 1-2, and 2:30 PM for grade 4-6. Unlike elementary and kindergarten, high school has a slightly different schedule. Both junior and senior high school starts their school day at 8:00 AM and ends their day at 2:40 PM.

Are graduates from Charis able to continue their education at other Indonesian schools?

All Charis students are advised to take the national test in the final year of elementary, junior high, and senior high school.  Charis students who have transferred to others Indonesian schools have generally been very successful. Some have struggled in other schools that use only lecture style instruction because the Charis style of instruction fosters critical thinking, values questions, and includes many creative activities every day. Charis graduates are able to continue their education anywhere in Indonesia and overseas.

Does Charis give scholarships to students who continue their education overseas?

Not at this point.  Until now, Charis’s cooperation with foreign educational institutions has only been in the form of networking.  Charis does not provide scholarships for international study but can help equip students that plan to study overseas by providing advanced English writing and PSAT preparation.

Who owns and oversees Charis?

Charis is not owned by any individual person. Although the school was originally founded by Paul Richardson, Charis is owned and overseen by Charis Foundation of Indonesia (Yayasan Charis). Yayasan Charis is also active in serving over 25 other educational, community development and teacher training projects.  Charis Foundation of Indonesia is based in Malang. It is not a part of any specific denomination, and it is partially supported by Mustard Seed International (MSI). MSI is a foundation in the US and Canada that has been instrumental in helping Charis purchase property and expand. The international director of MSI is Paul Richardson.

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