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The Charis Junior (SMP) and Senior (SMA) High Schools prepare our students to enter top level universities in Indonesia and abroad. We encourage the use of English in teaching and learning session. We emphasize the development of leadership, creativity and character. Receiving the torch from Charis Elementary, the SMP and SMA program continues to sharpen our students’ thinking skills, expand their knowledge base and empower them with higher level skills. Our classes are designed to prepare our students to respond with faith, wisdom and creativity to life’s challenges.

Charis offers an advanced math and science program with highly qualified, expert teachers. Our graduates are proficient in physics, biology and chemistry. In addition to our more traditional academic classes, Charis students are given the opportunity to study and practice in business, medicine, the arts, theater, music composition, film making, design, journalism, computer programming, basketball and soccer. Each year, all grade 11 students participate in producing and performing a play; be it Shakespeare, musicals or folklores. Charis offers a top flight science program, math classes and computer labs. High school students participate in planning the Charis Festival and Jazz Festival. Exciting field trips and mission trips enhance the experience of high school life. Student leadership (OSIS) is an exciting way for students to develop leadership skills.

Charis high school students learn how to innovate, solve problems and serve others. They learn to maintain sensitivity and empathy for others, and this generates a warm and nurturing learning environment for our students. Before they graduate from Charis, our students are equipped with TOEFL and Scientific Research Certification. Charis Alumni are currently studying in qualified Universities such as Brawijaya University, Institut Tekhnologi Bandung, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Atmajaya University, Ciputra University, Petra Christian University, University of Washington in Seattle, and other universities in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

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