Charis Vision

Our vision is to see our graduates become virtuous and courageous men and women who have a relationship with God, are filled with his Spirit, enjoy his abundant life, live purposefully, serve passionately and rise up to become influential leaders who honor God from within the domains of business, medicine, science, technology, media and the arts across Indonesia.

Charis Mission

Our mission is to prepare leaders for the future of Indonesia by providing them with an effective Christian education that forges character, inspires creativity, and nurtures leadership.

Charis Ethos

Ethos is a set of guiding beliefs and ideals that give shape to an organization. Ethos can also be described as core values.

The Charis core values are:

Determination To Increase Quality And Effectiveness

To live is to grow. Charis will never be satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments. We are determined to continually live on the forward edge, increasing in quality and effectiveness that is proportionate to global advancement.

Commitment To Generosity

Charis exists because of God’s grace and the generosity of his people. From our inception until Jesus returns, we are committed to reserving at least 25% of our seats for students from underprivileged backgrounds. The greatest success is to know God intimately and to overflow with his love. At Charis we are nurturing an ethos of love and grace. We understand that God blesses people so that they will become a blessing to others. To make this truth a living reality, all Charis students participate in missional adventures each year.

Heart For Indonesia

All Charis students learn to speak, read, listen and write in English so that they will have access to the global language, but at the heart of Charis is a love for Indonesian culture, language, arts, and history. Charis is an Indonesian national plus school designed to prepare Indonesian students to become leaders of their own nation. Charis is respectful of Indonesian laws and cooperates with the Department of Education.

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