Our Personnel


The Charis board members are:

  • Paul Richardson (Director of Yayasan Charis and Director of Charis National Academy)
  • Paul Gunadi
  • Peter Hidayat
  • Francis Nawahoke
  • Ibu Ella
  • Herry Dotulong

Expat Staff

Over the years, more than 25 educational experts from outside of Indonesia have offered their professional guidance and leadership to Charis. For example, Faythe Pearson, who is one of the world’s foremost experts in early childhood education has trained Charis kindergarten teachers for over a decade. Johann John received his Bachelors Degree from Stanford University and Masters from Wharton. Kate Hammond was a professor at Cambridge University in England. June John received her doctorate from Stanford University. Lawrence Cheng also received his Bachelors degree from Stanford University. Adam Martin is from Perth, Australia and is finishing his Master’s Degree. Timo Scheunemann is a graduate of Master’s College in California. 


All Charis teachers are committed followers of Jesus who believe in the power of transformational Christian education and perceive our role not just as work but as ministry. Possessing knowledge, experience, and love of teaching, Charis teachers are trained to challenge, guide and inspire students to reach their highest potential. Our instruction is born in a commitment to prepare our students to thrive and lead in the real world. Charis teachers do more than teach. We serve as spiritual guides, helping our students prepare for an amazing and successful future.



Professional Development

The speed of global change is rapidly accelerating. With these changes, the challenges faced by our teachers increase each year. As professional educators, all Charis teachers are expected to develop their knowledge and skills. At Charis, the development of quality teachers is a long-term process.

To ensure the growth and development of Charis teachers, the leadership team provides opportunities for Charis teachers to grow spiritually and professionally. Trainings are held every July at the beginning of the school year. Throughout the year, teachers meet in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to help one another improve as educators and give one another ideas and advice. Other trainings are held as-needed. Charis professional development is led by senior teachers, experts in education, professional trainers, and may also include teacher training programs from other institutions (Government Education Department and Association of Christian School International).


Staff Devotion

Effective teaching originates from within the hearts and minds of teachers who are inspired, equipped, prepared and motivated. Each morning before school starts, Charis teachers, leaders and office staff meet together to unite our hearts in prayer and receive an inspiring message from the Scriptures. All the staff, teachers and students are encouraged to have personal devotions and nurture their personal relationship with God.

Staff Retreat

Every year, all the staff, teachers, and their families gather together for a special weekend retreat. We take this time to share our vision and to get to know each other in a fun and relaxing setting. This memorable weekend is a refreshing time for the staff and teachers in the middle of the school year.

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